Five Benefits of a Heated Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool is one of the best investments you can make in your home. A great investment is having a heated swimming pool. For example, in Malaysia during the monsoon season, your unheated swimming pool would not offer the same relaxing and pleasurable experience as it does during hot times, because it is too cold to swim in.  Hence, the reason for installing a pool heat pump is important. 

There are lots of health benefits of having a heated swimming pool. The following are some reasons why. 


1. Relaxes the Muscles and Joints

For those with arthritis and other joint problems, swimming in a heated swimming pool is proven to ameliorate their condition. Swimming reduces pain in the muscles, joints and lower back by letting warm water relax tensed muscles and joints. After taking a dip in a heated swimming pool, you are going to feel rejuvenated, as the muscles and joints of your body have been relaxed. 

2. Improve the Circulation of Blood Throughout Body

Are you looking for an effective way to enhance the circulation of blood throughout the body? Swimming in a heated pool is a surefire way to achieve this. The warm water helps your blood vessels relax and expand, thereby creating enough space for blood to flow to vital tissues, muscles and organs of the body. Swimming in a heated pool keeps your circulatory system in top condition. 

3. Avoid Cold Shock

Swimming in a cold pool can create respiratory problems. It stiffens your muscles and joints, making you feel uncomfortable. Ultimately, it puts your overall well-being at risk of suffering a health condition. 
Owning a heated swimming pool is a great way to avoid any of the problems of swimming in a cold pool. It avoids cold shocks and allows you to swim at the right temperature around the year. 

4. Relaxing and Comfortable Swims

Most people shudder to imagine swimming in a cold pool. It offers an experience that is not pleasurable. On the contrary, swimming in a heated pool relaxes the body. In fact, immersing the body in a hot swimming pool reduces the core body temperature. You might not feel it right after a swim. Wait 90 minutes, and you will notice a drop in your body temperature. 


5. Safe to Use for Children

Children’s lungs are not as strong as adults’. This makes it unfavourable for them to make a splash in a chilled pool because their lungs are still vulnerable.
With a pool heat pump, children can swim as much as they want. It is safe for them and this makes heated pools a worthy investment.


6. Equipment to Heat the Swimming Pool Water 

If you are looking to install a water heating system in your swimming pool, there are various electric pool pumps on the market to consider. Below are three products to heat the swimming pool water. 


Electroheat Plus Heat Pump

If you're planning to extend your swimming season and heat your swimming pool efficiently, the Electroheat Plus heat pump gets the job done. Its innovative technological development utilizes the latent heat energy surrounding a pool to heat it. This water pump for the pool extracts the latent heat energy from the surrounding air, intensifies it and transfers it to the swimming pool. 



Digiheat Titanium

Relax in your spa knowing that the Digiheat Titanium spa heater is there to ensure a warming experience. Available in various heating capacities in single phase 2.4, 3.6, 4.8 & 6kW and three-phase 18 & 24kW, this pool pump can be installed along pipework or on a wall. It features a LED display that allows users to set the desired water temperature. 



Electroheat MKV Pool Heat Pump

The Electroheat MKV Pool Heat Pump is easy to use and maintain. Featuring a LED control panel, the pool water temperature is displayed. This electric pool pump also detects and displays diagnostic errors. It is designed with an ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant, which enhances its performance and is safe for the environment. 



The Bottom Line 

Installing a pool heater pump in your swimming pool is an investment that provides you with long-term health benefits. Financially, it is also a good investment, as it contributes to adding more value to your home. For more information about swimming pool equipment, feel free to get in touch with Waterco, your professional swimming pool accessories supplier.


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