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Friendly service and proven performance are two ingredients behind the Watershoppe name.

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Waterco’s engineering team never rest and are constantly seeking and developing innovative filtration products that are effective yet economical, so that you will always have a competitive advantage.

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We provide the latest
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Filter all the water entering the house,
providing clear water to every tap.

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For commercial environments including public swimming pools, aquaculture installations and industrial water treatment.

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Waterco offers a comprehensive range of filter media for different applications.

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Waterco’s multi-award winning pool and spa products are high quality, diverse and continually evolving to reflect advancements modern pool and spa technology

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“Next To Excellence Is The Appreciation Of It!”

Clean water is now available throughout the house,” says Mr Rodney Lai. “Since then, we have installed Waterco’s filters whenever we purchase new properties. We trust Waterco’s products because they are simple to use and ensure filtered water can be accessed each time we turn on the tap.

Mr. Rodney

To ensure the health and wellbeing of the home’s eight residents, and protect their water tank, the family installed Waterco’s W300 high-strength water filter. “Clean water is now available from every tap in the house,” says Mr Fong proudly.

Mr. Fong
“We would like to have our pool renovated to provide our grandchildren with comforting swimming experience. We had installed Waterco Electroheat MKV heat pump and Hydrochlor ST 3000 salt chlorinator. Knowing the heat pump expels cold air, we decided to have a ducting installed on it which direct the cold air to the open area of our residence. The recycling of the cold air provides cooling means to us instead of having conventional solution like fan.”
Mrs. Koon

“Ever since the Waterco filters were installed, we haven’t received any complaints from the hotel guests about yellowish water in the shower. We are very happy with the filter performance.”

Mr. Teh (Ampang, Selangor)
Facility Manager

“We have been experiencing water supply with foul odour for many years until the committee decided to install Waterco filtration system. Since then, there has been nothing but satisfied family member and neighbours.”

Mr. Johnson Liew (Kepong, Kuala Lumpur)
Condominium Resident

“I am very pleased with the performance of the water filter as I no longer have to worry about yellowish stains on my light colour based clothes. Previously, I had to install a small filter just for the washing machine to prevent such issues. Now I can finally enjoy problem free laundry days.”

Candy (Johor Bahru, Johor)
Loyal Customer & Housewife

“I felt relief after changing all our existing stainless-steel filters to Waterco FRP filters. No more bill shock from all the hidden service charges. No more concerns coming from resident about the obvious rusty tank surface.”

Mr. Teh (Kuala Lumpur)
Condominium Management

“Wish that I could make the right choice the first time when I purchased my POE filter. This is the seventh year I’ve been using Waterco water filtration system, and I am still feeling grateful about the water quality and hassle-free experience.”

Ms. Kok (Cheras, Kuala Lumpur)
Landed Property Resident

“Water quality is the utmost matter we care about as it will affect the quality of our products; we cannot afford to waste the commodity due to bad water quality. Waterco filtration system had been providing consistent water quality without any issue so far, we will definitely get the water filters from Waterco for upcoming expansion.”

Mr. Alex (Ipoh, Perak)
Poultry industry

“I was just giving a try on FRP filter from Waterco at first, but I was surprised with its performance and low maintenance interval. Now I am going to change all the remaining five stainless-steel filters to cease the expensive maintenance cost.”

Mr. Low (Telok Intan, Perak)
Manufacturing Plant Owner


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