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Many bottled waters are simply processed water using distillation, reverse osmosis, de-ionisation or filtration. You can do this yourself and save money!

The purchase of a drinking water filtration system should be looked at as a long-term investment.
A Waterco filter will last for many years with a periodic filter element change the only ongoing cost.

Considering the problems of awkward handling, container disposal and high cost, the option of bottled water is best reserved for short term and emergency use.
Boiling water may serve as a method of killing bacteria, but very little else is removed.
You still have toxic chemical, taste, odour, dissolved heavy metals and sediment. Probably the best way to imagine the real result of boiling tap water is to boil dirt and tap water in a sauce pan. The water would evaporate and simply leave the dirt in a more more concentrated form.
Another factor to consider is that boiling kills but does not removed bacteria. The dead bacteria bodies remain in the water.

Please Note: To adequately kill bacteria, you require at least 5 minutes of boiling.