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Watershoppe provides the latest in home filtration systems, from drinking water systems to whole of house systems. Plus an ever-increasing range of water related products. Our staff is technically trained to answer all your queries and customise filtration packages that suit your day to day needs. Friendly service and proven performance are two ingredients behind the Watershoppe name.
Waterco Limited is a public listed Australian company manufacturing and distributing a comprehensive range of water treatment equipment for aquaculture, pool & spa, environmental, residential, commercial and industrial applications. Waterco Limited currently exports to over 20 different countries through branches in New Zealand, Malaysia, China, USA and United Kingdom.
Watershoppe is a retail opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded persons interested in providing clean and affordable water.
“Water stores that cater to the budget-minded, health-conscious families are making a splash. Water is a hot commodity. Why? People aren't entirely satisfied with the water that comes from their taps.”
As the public is educated about water contamination, an increasing number of people are looking towards water filtration products to safeguard their health.
Watershoppe has developed a modern, bright, professional up to date image ensuring our stores are inviting to our customers.

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Our stores identify themselves with Waterco products, which has strong name recognition in the field of domestic and commercial water filtration. Waterco is able to directly provide an extensive range of filtration systems thus eliminating the middleman and increasing your margins.
By blending experience and knowledge with the fresh ideas of new members, we give our dealership team a leading edge.
We locate our stores well using strategic demographic evaluation methods. Watershoppe stores are located in areas of influence within its market.
The combined effectiveness of centralised advertising enables our dealers to enjoy the benefits of high profile marketing campaigns.
Our field managers provide on-going day to day support and assist in the merchandising of your store. This coupled with technical advice from our team of engineers and consultants provides you with practical support when you need it.
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Waterco’s engineering team never rest and are constantly seeking and developing innovative filtration products that are effective yet econmical, so that you will always have a competitive advantage.

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